use your mobile phone
to read RFID tags  HF ISO 15693   /   UHF epc


How it works
By means of a bluetooth connection, your mobile phone can drive a branded RFID reader,
capable of reading HF ISO 15693 and/or UHF EPC CLASS-1 GEN-2 tags

After activating the software on your mobile phone, it can be put into your pocket, leaving
your hands free to operate with the reader.
The software can be installed even on your own mobile phone.
All data read can be stored directly on your mobile phone, ready to be viewed.

Mardom Pocket is particularly useful for all applications who need to use RFID technology in a mobile way:
 Maintenance services
 Searching of items

Mobile phone requirements
java   bluetooth

More info
 demo flash

Other solutions (italian)



MARDOM POCKET is a software built by MARDOM - Milan (Italy)