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Integrated solutions

Mardom Scan
Mardom Duff

Put the inventory in your pocket
Two solutions for Android

Choose your solution: Mardom Scan or Mardom Duff

Solution 1:  Mardom Scan

Make the inventory of the warehouse / atelier / bookstore / drugstore / Museum / …
using your Android
mobile phone or tablet.

Reads barcodes and stores them into Excel through the cloud.

You can link a photo of the item.

You can touch a map where the object is located...

Multiuser and Multilist.

Just open the excel file "Receiver.xls" on your PC and automatically
the data are taken from the cloud.


Note: The source code of receiver.xls is opened.




Solution 2:  Mardom Duff

You can read Barcodes, Qrcodes and also RFID tags HF 15693*

When you choose it, with a simple click, the data collected will be
sent by email to your PC

The data on the PC will be processed by the client Excel:


* To read RFID tag, the mobile phone must be equipped with
NFC. Standard ISO 21481 NFC-IP2

MardomDuff: Reads a barcode with input quantity

MardomDuff: Reads barcode, qrcode and tags RFID with Samsung Nexus S

MardomDuff: The APP start and store UID tag








Home page



Downlolad Mardom Scan on your mobile phone

Note: the app Mardom Scan is not a demo

Downlolad on your pc the client excel


Downlolad MardomDuff on your mobile phone
DEMO version

Downlolad on your pc the client excel






Is my mobile phone
compatible with MardomDuff?

The mobile phone must be equipped with NFC technology
standard iso 21481 NFC - IP2